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My First Stencil - Workshop

My first stencil: A very easy and successful activity! (Portugal Team)

The 4 Seasons (Step by step)
1st - Chose an image (a and traced it to a transparency paper.
2nd -Cut the inside of the image by the lines drawn.

3rd - Try the layout idea and attach the stencil to the sheet to be painted.

4th - Gently paint the design with a sponge and acrylic paint to avoid lifting the film. If you need, you can press with the handle of a brush or pencil.

5th - Let it dry a little. Apply other layers of paint to create nuances.
6th - Carefully remove the stencil, dry it and start making a new season.

In the end, you can make a background with paint and the help of a toothbrush to hide some imperfections.

To think a little ...
All students used the same image to create their own stencil but did different jobs.
It was interesting to think about the characteristics of each season, adjust the colors and their layout on the sheet. The students can explain the reason for the layout they chose: why start w…

The Book - Poland team

The book which has changed me collated memories...

Can art change lives?

Why are stories so important....

Recipe for success - Poland

Recipe for success - Poland team

Group 1. Can failures also help us grow?

Group 2. Is it easier to achieve when we act together?

Workshop Stepping out of the Box - Lithuania

Stepping out of the Box:

Can I make a change by being a change myself?

Can my fears and worries be boxed and sent away?

Can my real self be put in a standard cliche box of our society?

Workshop "Art from the Heart"

Art from the Heart: from Lithuania team
Can art create hope reveal hidden sorrows and inspire?

Do I value myself the same way I value others?

Can art create hope reveal hidden sorrows and inspire?

Can I still shape my personality and open up my heart?

Pottery workshop - Estonia

Pottery workshop for adult educators and educational managers:

Food art for adult educator

Sushi making in Estonian way: