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The Creative Book - chapter 2

The Estonian team presented their fabulous work:

And the next team developing the creative book is Poland:
The Portuguese team continues to save all works to assemble the Creative Book at the end:

Gold Leaf Application Workshop - Example of a good practice

At CFPIMM (Portugal), we organized a Gold Leaf Application Workshop for the Move-on women's group. The aim was to arouse interest in this forgotten art and develop new skills in these women over 50 and open new horizons in employment. As it is education through art, we can also create the pleasure of talent discovery and enjoyment.

Gold Leaf Application Workshop

1st step - Brief presentation of the theme and historical context of the Baroque period.

2nd step - Wood preparation: fine sanding the piecework to remove all impurities.

3rd step- Layer acrylic paint: red (for gold leaf) or black (for silver leaf) and let dry.

4th step -Apply the mordant glue.

5th step - Apply the gold leaf very carefully. Use a soft brush to tap lightly.

The Creative Book!

The Creative Book is a compilation of life stories written by multiple and intercultural hands. Each woman involved in the project will share some of her life story in order to inspire others with her example. The Creative Book will be completed throughout the project, since the beginning till the end, with the participation of all partners and it will pass from one partner to other in transnational events: Lithuania > Estonia > Poland > Hungary > Portugal
1 stage -The Creative Book made by Lithuania team:

2 stage -The delivery of The Creative Book to Estonian team:

And now we are very curious to see the result of the work of Estonian women...
Please share your opinion with us about this work! How important is it to reflect on our life story and valuing our life experience? What skills can be developed by telling our story through art? Can this activity be a good practice in adult education? Why?

Move-on Project Team!


Participants - Learning, Teaching or Training Activity – Portugal - 25th - 29th MARCH 2019

Each participant left his own "fingerprint" on this great project. And this project will be a "mark" on everyone's life. Do you agree with us?

Welcome to Move-on Project!

This work was done by Portuguese Women to welcome the project partners.
(Quilling Art)