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Gold Leaf Application Workshop - Example of a good practice

At CFPIMM (Portugal), we organized a Gold Leaf Application Workshop for the Move-on women's group. The aim was to arouse interest in this forgotten art and develop new skills in these women over 50 and open new horizons in employment. As it is education through art, we can also create the pleasure of talent discovery and enjoyment. Gold Leaf Application Workshop 1st step - Brief presentation of the theme and historical context of the Baroque period. 2nd step - Wood preparation: fine sanding the piecework to remove all impurities. 3rd step   - Layer acrylic paint: red (for gold leaf) or black (for silver leaf) and let dry. 4th step -   Apply the mordant glue. 5th step  - Apply the gold leaf very carefully. Use a soft brush to tap lightly. 6th - Clean all surface and i t's done!  And how it shines!!             In this workshop, women learned step by step the process of applying gold/silver leaf.  T he